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Fiber Cement

ADC provides the highest quality fiber cement panels that are long lasting, durable and a very customizable cladding option. With variable system depths, perforations, multiple shapes and the industry’s largest color option available. We also offer image etching that can significantly reduce costs by eliminating much of your signage budget.


Our high quality through color fiber cements are self-cleaning with no electrostatic charging to attract dirt and never need repainted. This feature creates a zero-maintenance facade with a life expectancy of 50 years. If a conservative cost is applied to cleaning at $.25 sq’ over 50 years, the owners save the entire cost of the wall system over its life expectancy. This is one of the reasons we are seeing it gain so much momentum for schools and government buildings over traditional masonry products that require tuck pointing along with higher maintenance. Over two thousand colors and various textures are available allowing a great deal of creativity in the design.   

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