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Sustainable Metals

At ADC, we are passionate about sustainable metals of all types – colored and non-colored stainless steel, Zalmag, zinc, weathered Corten steel, aluminum plate, copper, etc. Our goal is to bring beautiful, long term solutions to our customers, allowing them innovative, project specific design liberty. We provide high value cladding for the life of the project so your creativity can leave a legacy.

The statue of liberty is a fine example of why sustainable metals like Copper, Zinc, Stainless, Aluminum, and newer alloys like Zalmag are so important. The early Egyptians used copper along with the Romans on the pantheon for its roof application. There are thousands of examples of copper and zinc utilization that are still in service providing beauty, functionality, and protection for world class historic buildings for hundreds of years with long term life expectancy well into the foreseeable future. There is no better long term investment in a building  project than the utilization of sustainable metals in the roofs and walls that protect it. However you may need the experience, expertise, & technology ADC offers to ensure your legacy project will stand the test of time and get off the ground under budget in the first place.

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